Why is Gamification the future of e-Learning?



It is proven that the techniques in Gamification endeavors to reinforce human’s natural desires to learn, compete, socialize, achieve, status,self-expression and closure.


Gamification is much more than solely playing games. Sometimes, it may even not involve playing any games. Gamification is a concept that’s a combination of game-design reasoning to non-game applications.


Science favors Gamification In eLearning

Endorphins is a hormone that a body releases when our minds and bodies simulates in activities like physical exercise, laughter or eating delicious food. The same feeling is achieved and endorphins are released while playing eLearning games that challenges the learners and gives them the opportunity to be rewarded, rewards can vary from collecting gold coins or moving to the higher levels. The release of endorphins proves that, learners’ apart from having fun, also retain a lot of information during eLearning process. Providing the feeling of accomplishment to learners, Gamification becomes extremely beneficial in the field of eLearning. Endorphins increase the feeling of wellbeing and calmness, and are also neurotransmitters, which gives them the ability to transfer signals between neurons. The excitement finally leads to boosting of motivation and gives away more powerful and memorable experiences.

Enhancement of Gamification in e learning?

The combination of these tree elements makes learning a successful process.

  • Problem solving, on-the-job experiences, tasks,real-life : 70 %
  • Observing and working with friends and role models, from feedback : 20 %
  • Formal training : 10 %


This diagram shows the techniques used in learning, their relationship, approaches and retention.


Infographics about the facts in eLearning

  • Basic concept of Gamification

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  • Gamification in eLearning

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  • Gamification in corporate training

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  • Future of Gamification

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Top 5 benefits of Gamification


1) Convert “must do” to “want to”

Playing games certainly makes few things pleasant but apart from that it also increases focus, determination and efforts to learn more. Dr. Judy Willis supports this statement which says, while playing these games, the brain releases Dopamine, the pleasure giving chemical. The multiple levels in games with an achievement to unlock makes the learners want to try harder. This also inspires the learners and encourages them to continue.


2) Elevates the learner’s engagement.

It goes without saying that Gamification creates experience that fully engage their learners by holding their attention, motivating them and elevating their crave to achieve goals. The aim is to make learners have a positive impact while learning, which in turn makes them more effective to absorb the knowledge and have a long lasting memory of the information as the information itself is linked to positive and favorable experiences through Gamification in eLearning.


3) Gamification transforms Fear to Fun

Gamification techniques involves in not only making the eLearning experience fun but also productive. Work is usually an opposite of fun as most people are concerned and so goes with work related training.

A study referred by Gabe Zichermann, founder of Dopamine Inc states that making work fun would increase the employees capabilities to retail information by 40 %, helping the employees to perform better and helping the organization in reach its higher levels.


4) Improves knowledge absorption and retention.

The agenda of designing an eLearning course can either be around a compliance training or focusing on 11 th grade biology, but the main goal always remains the same, to make learners grasp the information thoroughly and apply that knowledge in a real time world. The combination of blending endorphin and real time world benefits in Gamification and make learners boost knowledge retention and improves knowledge absorption.


5) Learner’s seek opportunity to visualize real world applications

Gamification allows a first-hand look at how learner’s selection results them into rewards or consequences. And if the learner’s do not play well, they are not entitled to any rewards or the actions they make do not take them to higher levels. In extract, you give them the opportunity to explore a topic in depths and apply them outside of the virtual classroom, in a real world. This way when the learners venture in the real world, they have the confidence and the power to use the knowledge in a professional or personal settings.


This article clears all the curiosity about Gamification and shows the scientific evidence that favors Gamification in the world of eLearning. The benefits that it offers will certainly persuade you to integrate it in your next eLearning deliverable.



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