Journey to the peak with Sunrise!

-Amrita Ranjan


We decided to do the trek in spite of encountering an early morning heavy pours, only after throwing on a few jacket on our back, we were ready to hit the roads. Night drives are always the best but nothing beats an early morning sunrise drive, as the chilled wind brushed our faces, we listened to “hymn for the weekend” and drove real smooth on wet roads. Like every morning has its own needs, now our need was some warm coffee. We spotted one light in the middle of nowhere; one bakery had kept its door opened for us. We parked the car and ordered for some steaming coffee. We then started to drive again, the morning was young, and it was quite a while that I had seen a sunrise. The closer we reached to the mountains, the view started to take us by an awe, seemed like the clouds were just hanging out and having a conversation with the summit, the thought that we were about to trek to the peak and may be bring back some clouds in our fists, gave us chills!



Why do we trek? Why do we have the urge to reach the peak?

The significance of any trek are many, it’s up to you to find your reason. For some it’s all about pushing the limits they have set in their monogamous life, for some it’s just another sport, for some it becomes a challenge, and the last ones are those who do it just for the fun of it, an adrenaline rush when you climb higher and higher, there’s no gold medal at the summit, but there’s a view, a view that crosses the border of every adrenaline rushes and takes you to the higher space of peace, certainly not something that a gold medal could grant.

We encountered a lot of trippy personalities as we trekked towards the peak.


One of our team members was been able to handle the trek like a boss. Sandeep said no to tiredness, no looking back, no complaining about the sun, just walking ahead with them shades on!


One of our team members was extremely busy with pulling of the ShaRukh khan’s character from Mohabbatein. Aman was always either in front of the camera or behind it!


Some sights we witness get engraved in our permanent memory. We may sometimes feel to refresh it later to revisit. Lakshmi was capturing one such view but then she posed herself with it.


Deepa was certainly busy in finding the joy in little things. This candid picture reflects the happiness she finds by capturing pictures from the top!


Well, for me, as I reached higher and higher, I felt new, a salient comfort in solitudeabsorbing all the detailing that we usually miss.


When we almost reached the peak, we surprisingly found a small reservoir of water. And our team members Hitlar and Abhilasha surely didn’t want to miss the chance to dip their feet in the cold water. What a bliss that must feel like!



In this inclined valley, Sunil is either lost in the depths of thoughts or he is in his ‘nothing box’, we’ll never know that!


A bird’s eye view of the valley is simply amazing. Lakshmi Rao couldn’t stop to pose with spectacular view


Trekking connects; you may realize so vividly that you are no different than anything around, the rocks, trees, people or animals. Jay connecting with the relaxing Mohan(the name he gave to the dog) by striking a conversation of love and compassion

We sure tried to do the Dubstep, with Hitlar being busy with a client’s call. Because even when we are on top of the world, our clients are  always the first priority! 😀


At this point the summit was around 5 mins away from the peak, in spite of everyone starting to feel quite a bit tired, no one let their enthusiasm and energy to climb up fade away, especially with an entire group’s emotional support, we made the mission possible.


And that’s our version of a victory dance!

I wouldn’t say it was an easy task. Some of us were exhausted, some of us wanted to give up, the sun was right on top of us, we were sweating, but as soon as the view started to show up bit by bit we couldn’t stop ourselves, we walked ahead and encountered an eye catching view with an enormous speed of wind hitting our face and welcoming us to the top.


May be just how it happens in reality, we always experience certain storms in life, but when the storm is gone, we don’t even remember passing it, the storm doesn’t even matter anymore,  what matters is that euphoric moment it led us to.

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