A website is the voice of a brand, online. It showcases the brand, its experience, portfolio and global reach. BauenAd offers a variety of web design and development services aimed at giving businesses a unique edge. We develop professional website designs that will give you access to your target audience, help you engage with them and provide an online experience that they would like to keep returning to.

Our web development portfolio of services include;

1. E-Commerce – With a majority of our web development products designed to cater to the e-com space, we give businesses a shopping platform that brings together products, designs and brands seamlessly. E-commerce website design is a high value, research driven market and relies heavily on an efficient and integrated e-commerce platform. BauenAd aims at creating the right interface between you and your customers, building reliability, and set to scale. Our e-com platforms are conceptualised as easy and attractive marketing tools, designed to increase engagement and build repute.

2. Web Applications – An efficient website depends entirely on web applications, a complex network of frameworks, backend processes and solutions that keeps them running. BauenAd works as a web design and development company that provides a variety of web applications solutions. We provide business website design, using industry best practices for programming and coding using ethical means. We manage CRM tools and packages, Automated Email Marketing, Online Employee Interaction and Server Management.

2. Content Management Systems – With businesses undergoing constant change and in a state of flux, websites have to be responsive and dynamic, allowing owners to be in complete control of content. BauenAd's tools, experience, expertise and technology will give your business website theedge in content management systems tailored to specific audience types. We work across different Free and Paid CMS platforms, including WordPress and Joomla for Enterprise CMS solutions. Pairing this with SEO, we specialize in building platforms that are search friendly and dynamic.

4. Mobile Applications – Responsive mobile design, incorporating changing trends, cross-platform solutions in iOS or Android, requires web application expertise that our expert team possess. We constantly work towards enhancing the mobile application experience, developing consumer and enterprise apps across mobile platforms.

BauenAd assures you of,

  • Customized Website Design and Development Solutions – Custom websites that will be tailored to your requirements, targeted towards your audience, business needs, company culture and industry type.
  • Expert team of Professionals – Web designers and developers with expertise across industries, equipped with exceptional skills and latest in web design
  • 24/7 Maintenance – Constant monitoring and maintenance with 24/7 support & regular up gradation
  • Latest Technology – Latest multimedia tools including graphics and design technologies.
  • Analytics and Data Deliverables – Constant analytics and research driven data to optimize website and drive traffic.