As a product and service provider, you know that you provide the best. Consumers are looking for services like yours for their requirements. But are you available where they can reach you?

BauenAd is a one-stop social media and digital marketing agency that partners with you in understanding your consumer's requirement and charting the course – from them being aware to their final purchase. Our digital marketing strategy helps create bespoke experiences for your consumer, to inspire action, to bring together your social media community and buy products and services that resonate with the brand and its ethos.

Online marketplaces are becoming increasingly competitive. With one of Bangalore’s best digital marketing agency by your side, we will ensure to make your brand a name to reckon with, whenever consumers search for products or services in your niche – whether social media, print, industry media or even google.



The content that you put across to your audience impacts your overall branding and the way your customers think and feel about your brand. Content that is innovative, creative and intriguing combined with clever social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization work together to give your brand a voice and an identity in the minds of your target audience.

BauenAd designs and creates bespoke, targeted and quality content for your brand, luring them with words to your product or service, taking care of their needs and helping them make a decision.



With the deluge of online brands, and excessive competition, the only differentiator that can separate your brand from the rest is a strategy that uses the best social media optimizing tools and industry best practices. Through SEO, the right audience will get to see your brand, at the right timeand through the right channel, by a combination of social media marketing, search optimization and online news media.



A brand creates a larger and more meaningful impact when it reaches out to every kind of audience, when it acknowledges the interest shown by every one of them in a product or service. BauenAd designs curated and bespoke newsletters as a part of online marketing campaigns, that when sent to your target market will convert potential interested individuals to buyers and patrons.



E-mail marketing can be a service you exploit as a part of your integrated online digital marketing strategy. Our team of skilled professionals will help conceptualize a consumer-centric, results-driven program to convert and retain customers. Our email marketing campaigns are designed aroundgetting results, targeted messaging, lead capture and conversion.



Advertising online gives brands a greater reach. It pushes them to reach out to a wider network, tap into new sources, and approach marketing in a targeted fashion through advertisements – social, display ads and search. BauenAd ensures that you get your value for money through quality creative adverts, strategic planning, ongoing metric measurements and SEO.



Reaching and capturing end-users is just part of the social media marketing strategy. A successful marketing campaign works on constant planning, and determining the strategies involved to convert more customers and sustain the effort. Analytics and data help in determining the progress of metrics and the kind of intervention needed at a particular point in time. Analyzing enormous data available, will help measure marketing activities against overall business goals. The inference from this data will drive future content and campaign strategies, identify lapses and inefficiencies, plan web development and grow the business.

BauenAd works with businesses as their Digital Marketing Consultancy by providing an integrated and tailored bunch of social media marketing services to Identify, Engage and Convert customers to the brand.